Soft Landscaping Services in Hampshire Wiltshire Dorset Berkshire

GreenFlints is a family-run, small and personal, soft landscaping and garden services company. We are based in Andover and service the whole of Hampshire as well as further afield.

Creating a beautiful and sustainable outdoor Oasis

Soft landscaping refers to the living elements of your outdoor space, including plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs. These elements are used to create a lush and vibrant environment that’s both beautiful and sustainable. Here are some benefits of investing in soft landscaping:

  • Increased biodiversity: Create a diverse and thriving ecosystem in your outdoor space, attracting a variety of beneficial insects and birds that help to pollinate plants.


  • Improved air quality: Plants and trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, improving the air quality of your outdoor space and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Reduced soil erosion: Soft landscaping elements such as groundcover and mulch can help to prevent soil erosion, protecting your garden from runoff and other issues.


  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: Soft landscaping can add colour, texture, and visual interest to your outdoor space, creating a beautiful and inviting environment that’s perfect for relaxing, entertaining, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings.

So what types of soft landscaping elements should you consider for your outdoor space?