Tree and Hedge Planting in Hampshire Wiltshire Dorset Berkshire

GreenFlints is a family-run, small and personal, landscaping and garden fencing company. We are based in Andover and service the whole of Hampshire as well as further afield.

Add natural beauty and functionality to your outdoor space

Tree and hedge planting is a great way to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Not only do they add natural beauty and character to your garden, but they also provide a range of benefits, such as privacy, shade, and wildlife habitat. In this post, we will discuss some tips for successful tree and hedge planting.

When it comes to planting, preparation is key. We Remove any weeds or grass from the area, and add some organic matter to the soil, such as compost or peat moss. 

After planting, it’s important to take care of your trees and hedges to ensure their survival and growth. Regular watering is vital, especially during the first year, to help establish the roots.

Finally, pruning is an important part of tree and hedge maintenance. Regular pruning helps to shape the plant, promote healthy growth, and remove any dead or diseased branches.